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International Guild of Knot Tyers - North American Branch

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Join us!
We encourage anyone with ANY level of skill or experience who is interested in any aspect of knots and knot tying to join us. We offer a joint membership in the IGKT-NAB AND the IGKT for one low price. See the Membership page for more details.
Benefits of IGKT-NAB Membership:

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The December Issue of the NAB'S InterKnot will appear on-line only for December 2013. The NAB's InterKnot Editor as had a medical emergency followed by recovery and rehabilitation, and therefore has not been able to publish the InterKnot for December 2013. Therefore you are receiving by e-mail (ONLY NO POSTAL) the Pacific Americas Branch newsletter Knot News. The PAB KnotNews appears here for December 2013. We hope that you enjoy.

Why should you come to one of these meetings?

Each of us has been to a "first meeting." It's time you did the same.

You will meet individuals with a wide range of skills and interests. None of us can tie EVERY knot. (Not all of us can tie some simple ones!) The annual meetings are a chance for people to come together and learn new knots, new skills, new techniques and make some new connections. Past meetings have had attendees from all over the earth. Young and young at heart, newcomers to knotttng and seasoned knotters. We would really like to see you there! We'll have a piece of cord there waiting for you.

Oh, it's okay if you're not a NAB or an IGKT member. If you have an interest in ANY area of knotting or are at ANY skill level, you are more than welcome to be there!