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We encourage anyone with ANY level of skill or experience who is interested in any aspect of knots and knot tying to join us. We offer a joint membership in the IGKT-NAB AND the IGKT for one low price. See the Membership page for more details.
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Knot Canada 2014 - October 3, 4 & 5, 2014

To our American Collegues:

As many of you are aware, the Southern Ontario Knot Tyers (SOKT) will be hosting the semiannual meeting of the IGKT this upcoming October. We are very excited about seeing all of our Knot tying friends and we're working hard to make this a memorable event. Having been to meetings in both England and the U.S., Dave, I and our membership had to do much brainstorming to try to get a venue that we could say is "truly a Canadian effort". Well after 2 years of planning, we think that those who attend this conference will be pleasantly surprised with our efforts. Please allow us provide you with a "sneak preview" of this upcoming event; The venue we have selected for you to display your knot works is the historic Coach House at Dundurn National Historic site. The Coach House was built in 1870 to shelter Dundurn Castle's coach and horses and the male servants who slept on the second floor. Right next door to the Coach House is Dundurn Castle which was home to Sir Allan Napier McNab. The home was built in 1855 when MacNab was at the height of his political career as Premier of the United Provinces of Canada. Also on site, there is a small war museum Visit the museum and investigate the War of 1812, the Rebellion of 1837-38, the Boer War and World War I. (admission $4.00)

For those who are interested, we are offering a trip to visit Niagara Falls on Thursday, October 2nd.

Friday, during the day, members will be able to set up their displays at the Coach House. At the same time, workshops will be offered to our members and any general public who wish to participate.

Friday night, there will be a meet and greet gathering at the Visitor's Inn. This will be followed by a presentation from a representative of the Hamilton- Scourge Restoration Committee. The Hamilton and Scourge were initially named the Diana and the Lord Nelson respectively, before the War of 1812. The two vessels were merchant schooners; the Lord Nelson was originally a British ship and the Diana was American. The Lord Nelson was built at Niagara, Upper Canada, and was launched on May 1, 1811. The Diana was built in Oswego, New York, and was launched in 1809. The Hamilton and Scourge were not large specialized war vessels; instead, they were simple merchant ships that were pressed into service for the American Navy just prior to the War of 1812. The 76-ton Hamilton was armed with eight 18-pound carronades and one 12-pound long gun on a pivot mount, while the 45-ton Scourge was armed with four 6-pound cannons and four 4-pound cannons. Both vessels foundered in Lake Ontario during a sudden squall just after midnight on August 8, 1813. Today, these vessels rest under 300 feet of water. An interesting article along with some fantastic photos, has recently been published in "Divers Magazine" For those interested in learning more about these ships, visit http://divermag.com/the-hamilton-and-scourge-project-past-present-and-future/ to view the entire article.

Saturday will be wide open from 10:00am until 5:00pm for visitation by the public. The Southern Ontario Knot Tyers are working closely with the Hamilton Department of Tourisim and Culture to promote this event. We are hoping for a good turn out so make sure that you come armed with lots of Knot work for display (and sale).

Following a long day of showing and talking all thing "knotty", it a'int over yet!

On Saturday evening it's time to attend our supper/banquet at the Dundas Air Force Club. We have procured the whole upstairs of the club for a full evening of dinner, draws, entertainment and just socializing. A pay bar will be available for this gathering. Sunday morning we're back at the Coach House and the general public until noon.

This is just an overview of the things that we have planned to date. The SOKT is also looking at other activities and events to make this conference a most memorable event.

Please visit our website at www.knotcanada.com and follow the link to our knotcanada 2014 registration site for more information about the meeting. Register early!

See you on October 3, 4 & 5 Eh?

John Staley, President
Southern Ontario Knot Tyers
Please note that entry into Canada requires an up to date passport

Why should you come to one of these meetings?

Each of us has been to a "first meeting." It's time you did the same.

You will meet individuals with a wide range of skills and interests. None of us can tie EVERY knot. (Not all of us can tie some simple ones!) The annual meetings are a chance for people to come together and learn new knots, new skills, new techniques and make some new connections. Past meetings have had attendees from all over the earth. Young and young at heart, newcomers to knotttng and seasoned knotters. We would really like to see you there! We'll have a piece of cord there waiting for you.

Oh, it's okay if you're not a NAB or an IGKT member. If you have an interest in ANY area of knotting or are at ANY skill level, you are more than welcome to be there!